Mental Health Care Available at Concordia Health Services


The Health Services nursing staff has developed an expertise in the area of university and college health. Their professional training enables them to assess your presenting symptoms, provide you with information and refer you to the appropriate professional. The nurses are your first-line contacts and links with the internal and external community networks. At times more comprehensive care is required. If so a referral to an outside community resource will be provided.

General Practitioner

The physicians at Concordia University Health Services are able to diagnose and initiate treatment for most mental health issues.  A medical evaluation is important to ensure a diagnosis as there may be an underlying medical condition.   If the physician feels that your care would benefit from a referral to a consulting psychiatrist or psychotherapist he/she will be able to provide you with such a referral while continuing to be your primary care provider.

Consulting Psychiatrist

Limited consulting psychiatric services are available for short-term care when therapeutically recommended.  A psychiatrist is a medical doctor specially trained in diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses. He/she may treat your problems with medication, with psychotherapy or a combination of both.


Last updated: Tuesday, March 24, 2009