Test Results

If you have had a culture or pap test taken at Health Services or have been referred for a blood test, x-ray, or other test and would like your results, please call between 9:30-16:30. Have available the date you had the tests taken, the name of the test and the name of the physician who ordered the test. Upon confirmation of your identity your test results will be given out and explained by a nurse. If your physician suggests follow-up or treatment, the nurse will provide you with the appropriate information, prescription, or make the necessary appointments. If your phone call can not be addressed immediately please leave the best time the nurse can call back and every effort will be made to reach you at that time.

When to Call for Results

Test Call
Gonorrhea/Yeast/Gardnerella Two weeks after culture taken
Ureaplasma Three weeks after culture taken
Chlamydia Two weeks after culture taken
Pap Test Eight weeks after test taken
Blood Test Two weeks after test taken
HIV Three weeks after test taken
Herpes Two weeks after test taken
X-rays Two weeks after x-ray taken
MRI / Ultrasounds Two months after test taken

Note: We strongly recommend that you book a follow-up appointment with your doctor to discuss the results. Do not assume that there is nothing wrong if you do not hear from us.

HIV test

The HIV Click test can be done nominally (your name appears on the requisition) or non-nominally (a code is used). Should you choose to have a non-nominal HIV test the only person who will have your result will be the physician. The result will not be in your file and as such the only person who can give you your result will be the prescribing doctor.

Note: HIV test results are never given out via phone. You must call to make a follow-up with the prescribing doctor for three weeks after you have had the blood drawn.

Last updated: Tuesday, December 16, 2008